Client Service & Communication

Custody. Bradley, Foster & Sargent does not act as a custodian and does not take custody of clients’ cash or securities. Our clients’ accounts are held in custody by qualified custodians.

Brokerage. Bradley, Foster & Sargent is not a broker-dealer and therefore does not charge commissions. Transactions are executed through a wide range of brokerage firms.

Investment research. Our firm receives research reports from many major investment houses and regional brokerage firms. Original research, which includes company visits and personal meetings with top management, is also performed by investment professionals at the firm.

Client communication. We encourage communication with our clients and expect to meet with them on a regular basis. We welcome telephone calls and meetings with the firm’s Principals and Portfolio Managers. Additionally, clients receive regular quarterly reports detailing portfolio holdings and their current market value as well as periodic written market commentaries.

Confidentiality. We protect the confidentiality of our clients’ affairs and do not use our clients’ names in the marketplace to promote our firm.