Investment Approach

At Bradley, Foster & Sargent, we recognize that each client is faced with unique circumstances and has individual investment requirements. Our approach is to develop, implement, and monitor investment programs to create individualized portfolios structured to address each client’s specific needs and desires.

Trust. Our clients want their investments entrusted to investment managers with integrity; professionals who can be trusted to pursue faithfully their objectives of protecting capital in times of economic adversity and increasing it in times of prosperity.

Investment performance. Consistent with investment considerations such as risk tolerance, liquidity, income, and tax planning, our clients desire superior relative and absolute performance measured over an entire market cycle. We strive to outperform appropriate stock market indices in the equity portion of our client portfolios by investing primarily in growth stocks with a risk-moderating strategy. In the fixed income portion of portfolios, we generally invest in high-quality taxable and tax-exempt bonds, adjusting duration to maximize income and minimize risk.

For clients who wish to maximize income, we have developed a high income discipline, employing a mixture of corporate bonds, fixed income mutual funds, fixed income ETFs, preferred stocks, REITs, Master Limited Partnerships, and other higher yielding equities to meet a client’s income targets. The inclusion of one or more of the above asset classes in this approach depends on market conditions and other economic and political factors.

Attentive personal service. We seek to build long-term relationships by serving our clients well and striving to achieve superior investment performance, personal attention, and responsive communication.