Bradley Foster & Sargent profiled in Hartford Business Journal

Hartford, CT – February 14, 2022 – The Feb. 14, 2022, issue of the Hartford Business Journal is focused on banking and finance and includes a detailed profile of Bradley, Foster & Sargent.

BFS chairman Robert Bradley discusses how he and the other BFS founders set out to create a different kind of investment firm and how BFS continues to deliver on that promise.

“The idea was to treat our clients really, really well — client-centric and not only service-wise but performance-wise,” Bradley said. “We want to manage your money the way we manage our own money.”

BFS CEO Galan Daukas provided insight into our approach to investing.

Daukas said BFS’ investment strategy concentrates on guiding clients to individual company stocks rather than mutual funds, and the firm uses its research department to identify growing businesses with good management and solid financials.

Woodstock Academy associate head of school Jonathan Sturdevant described his organization’s experience as a BFS client.

“They were genuine and frankly, at the time, we weren’t an attractive client,” Sturdevant said. “We were a very small investment, without going into numbers. We are not a high-net-worth client, but we have very specific goals for our endowment. Today we have more than 10 times the amount we started with due to fundraising and growth. They have been a pretty solid partner for us.”

The article also explores our recent recapitalization in order to remain independent and extend ownership to key team members.

Rosa Chen, director of research for BFS, said the firm’s continued independence is important for preserving its collaborative culture. That atmosphere drew her to the firm in 2016. Being a shareholder now also provides motivation, she said.

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