Retirement Plan Services

For more than twenty years, Bradley, Foster & Sargent has been providing high-quality, customized investment management services to individuals, families, and institutions. We now offer those same services to Retirement Plan sponsors and trustees.

Plan sponsors/trustees have ERISA fiduciary responsibilities. As a co-fiduciary, we share those responsibilities and help Plan sponsors/trustees meet their fiduciary duties. We select investment options based on criteria intended to identify well managed funds at reasonable cost. We work with Plan sponsors/trustees, as well as other service providers, to create a Plan that is designed to help participants prepare for a secure retirement and to contribute to the attraction and retention of their employees.

We take a thoughtful and systematic approach to identifying the needs of a Plan’s sponsor/trustees:

  • We seek to understand the goals of a Plan’s sponsors/trustees and to identify the needs of their Plan and participant pool
  • We work with Plan sponsors/trustees to develop an Investment Policy Statement that is supportive of the goals of the Plan
  • We provide investment options to the Plan sponsor/trustees designed to meet the needs of the Plan participants, based on:
    • Performance
    • Expenses/cost effectiveness
    • Management team
    • Overall transparency
  • We assure a Plan’s investment options comply with its Investment Policy Statement
  • We identify alternative investment options, if appropriate, to:
    • Replace investment options that do not meet agreed upon criteria
    • Supplement existing investment options to increase the diversification of the Plan’s investment options
  • We identify investment options for elimination, if appropriate, in instances where we believe an asset class or sector is over-represented
  • We provide an on-going monitoring service of a Plan’s investment options to track changes that may require discussion with, and action by, a Plan’s sponsor/trustees
  • We work with a Plan’s other service providers (a plan’s administrator, record keeper, TPA, etc.) to coordinate service offerings and capabilities

We will not include any proprietary funds and believe that our approach is conflict free.

Through this process, we strive to keep the end goal in view – the creation of a Plan that successfully delivers on the goals of the Plan and its participants.