Individuals: Business Executives

Business Executives

Many executives today are focused primarily on how best to contribute to the growth of their company. They are putting their energy into the planning and execution of goals and objectives which will contribute to their company’s (and their stock in the company) growth in value. Many have only a rudimentary financial strategy while some have no financial strategy at all. In many cases, the great majority of their wealth is tied up in the shares of the company for which they work. Many of our clients who are executives have the financial acumen and knowledge of the capital markets to invest their assets themselves but do not have the necessary time to follow the various investments and execute their strategies on a timely basis.

Bradley, Foster & Sargent works with executives to create strategies to diversify their assets. This includes plans to set aside specific funds in different portfolios to accomplish a variety of goals. An important strategic objective is often to set aside enough assets to provide adequate income upon retirement that will supplement social security, pension and other retirement benefits. We also introduce our clients to top professional advisors including lawyers, accountants and financial planners to ensure that they have all the resources needed to accomplish their objectives.