Individuals: Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Bradley, Foster & Sargent’s clients who are business owners and entrepreneurs are generally accustomed to risk, and most have a substantial portion of their net worth invested in their companies. They often feel that their best investment is in themselves and their company. While this is frequently true, there is substantial risk concentrating most of one’s financial assets in an enterprise that is illiquid and often distributes no income. Accordingly, Bradley, Foster & Sargent works with business owners and entrepreneurs to establish and manage a portfolio of high quality securities – companies that we believe have competitive advantages, great brands and sound business models, good balance sheets, and strong cash flow – which can help provide security and preserve capital in times of economic adversity. This portfolio can be either equities or fixed income or a balanced portfolio, according to risk and reward parameters, income needs and tax considerations. In this way, business owners and entrepreneurs are able to diversify their assets, creating a secure source of liquidity and income.