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Individuals & Families

Bradley, Foster & Sargent’s clients come from a broad range of backgrounds. They include professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, retirees, widows/widowers, and minors. There are also a considerable number of families who look to us to help manage their financial affairs. Many of our clients have engaged our services due to a change in their circumstances. They are going through life’s transitions such as divorce, death of a spouse or family member, the sale of a business, or preparation for retirement. Although our clients have substantial resources and many are extremely knowledgeable about financial matters, they look to Bradley, Foster & Sargent for financial counsel and professional investment management expertise. They seek our advice to help them manage their wealth in this increasingly complex financial world and look for our assistance in achieving their financial goals and objectives.

The families who seek our services may include a simple family unit, such as a husband and wife and their children, or it may be multi-generational families, from grandparents to great-grandchildren. Each generation usually has a different investment objective. These range from capital preservation and income generation to wealth creation or perhaps saving for college or a first home. We work with each family to craft personalized investment strategies for each generation and each portfolio, while making sure that all of the different pieces fit together smoothly and productively. Grandparents and parents often bring their children and grandchildren to portfolio reviews or strategy sessions in order to educate them about financial matters and prepare them for assuming the responsibility of shepherding inherited wealth.