Individuals: Trusts


Bradley, Foster & Sargent is the investment manager for a significant number of trust portfolios. These trusts were created by our clients to address estate planning needs and other benefits of trust titling. We also work closely with families and their attorneys to manage trusts that have been created for specific purposes such as education, generation skipping, special needs, etc.

Although Bradley, Foster & Sargent rarely acts in the capacity of a trustee, we are cognizant of a trustee’s fiduciary responsibilities to the beneficiaries of a trust. These responsibilities include competitive investment performance, management fees, and costs; appropriate diversification; risk management; income generation; and accountability to both income and principal beneficiaries. The trustees with whom we work appreciate our ability to customize investment portfolios in a disciplined manner, based on the requirements of their trust. We believe our customized approach also allows us to manage potential tax liabilities for each trust in a more efficient manner than investment advisors who utilize a model portfolio approach.

Some trusts require a corporate trustee – usually a financial institution. Law firms will often act as trustee, as well. Bradley, Foster & Sargent has close working relationships with several banks and trust companies which provide corporate trustee services, as well as many law firms in the region. We have experience working with these firms as the investment advisor/manager of the trusts for which they are providing trustee services.

Services for Fiduciaries

Bradley, Foster & Sargent has a strong record of providing asset management services and objective advice to fiduciaries. Trustees, professional and otherwise, who engage us to provide investment management services on behalf of the trusts they represent, demand competitive performance and fee arrangements, highly responsive back office support, transparency and accountability. We believe these services, when combined with those of the trustee, are very competitive with those offered by larger integrated institutions. By offering a highly customized, client focused portfolio structure, the trustees with whom we are engaged are serving the needs of current and future beneficiaries. It is Bradley, Foster & Sargent’s primary goal in these relationships to support the trustee in their role as a fiduciary.