Individuals: Women


At Bradley, Foster & Sargent, a substantial portion of our business is with women of all ages and occupations. Many of our clients are women who are very knowledgeable about the capital markets and financial matters. Others have little or no interest in the day to day events of the financial markets. Through extensive and ongoing communication, we seek to understand the financial goals and objectives of each client and then customize a portfolio to address these individual needs.

Whether a woman has substantial knowledge of the financial markets or none, at Bradley, Foster & Sargent, we recognize that financial security is critical to every woman’s sense of wellbeing. In each and every case, we work closely as trusted advisors and partners with women to address their individual circumstances and goals. We seek to create a relationship based on trust and the highest ethical standards and professionalism.

At Bradley, Foster & Sargent, we welcome and encourage your involvement.