Institutions: Captive Insurance Companies & For-Profit Corporations

Captive Insurance Companies & For-Profit Corporations

Bradley, Foster & Sargent manages approximately $5.6 million in assets, as of June 30, 2021, for Captive Insurance and Risk Retention companies. The principals of our firm have considerable background and expertise in the insurance industry. Our investment philosophy, which stresses capital preservation, conservative risk management and high quality securities – companies that we believe have competitive advantages, great brands and sound business models, good balance sheets, and strong cash flow – is consistent with the needs of this industry. We actively manage portfolio duration against market expectations and each client’s benchmarks and tolerance for risk. We focus on maximizing after-tax returns, and our security selection and portfolio construction leads to transparent, understandable risks. In addition to working directly with clients, we also partner with providers such as captive managers and consultants to provide a comprehensive service to captive companies in the formulation of investment policy, risk assessment and asset management.