Institutions: Non-Profits, Endowments & Foundations

Non-Profits, Endowments & Foundations

The majority of institutional assets which Bradley, Foster & Sargent manages are non-profit organizations. These include the endowments of hospitals, schools, churches, libraries, cemeteries and other 501(c)3s. We also work with community foundations, historical societies and other community-based organizations.

Overseeing endowments that support non-profit organizations can be complex. Fiduciaries have three general duties – the duty of care, the duty of loyalty, and the duty of obedience. Each of these duties imposes responsibilities on board members who oversee endowments. Having worked with many institutions since our inception in 1994, we are able to assist fiduciaries in meeting their responsibilities.

In addition, choosing from among the broad array of investment alternatives can be daunting. Bradley, Foster & Sargent partners with non-profit organizations to help boards and investment committees achieve their long term investment goals. Our portfolio managers have many years of experience working with boards to help develop investment policies, manage their investment portfolios, and track progress toward achieving their investment objectives.

Portfolio managers at Bradley, Foster & Sargent regularly meet with committees to discuss the relationship between current spending, future spending and alternative investment strategies. In many instances, we provide valuable continuity to non-profit organizations as board membership changes over time.