Institutions: Pension Funds & Profit Sharing Plans

Pension Funds & Profit Sharing Plans

Bradley, Foster & Sargent┬áhas many years of experience investing pension assets to meet employers’ pension liabilities. Portfolio managers work closely with companies both in investing funds to achieve investment goals and objectives as well as formulating strategies designed to meet their risk and return parameters over time. Our portfolio managers seek a close working relationship with boards to help develop investment policies, manage their investment portfolios, and track progress toward achieving their goals.

The funding status of a pension fund has significant implications for the level of risk that is appropriate. The sponsors of a plan that is underfunded may seek higher long term investment returns to reduce pension funding costs, thereby incurring significantly greater risk. Our portfolio managers are experienced in assisting plan sponsors with the decision of whether to incur greater risk to achieve higher returns or to increase funding, thereby emphasizing stability and reducing volatility and risk.