Our Clients

Bradley, Foster & Sargent has as its primary objective to provide professional, individually-tailored investment services to individuals, families, entrepreneurs, professionals, non-profit organizations, and institutions. We seek to understand the personal goals and unique circumstances of our clients, designing every portfolio – indeed every decision – to meet those specific needs.

Some of our clients are individuals and families of considerable wealth who desire preservation of capital in real terms, as well as careful and thorough attention to their personal requirements. Others are entrepreneurs, professionals and people in the process of creating wealth who seek long-term capital appreciation.

Our institutional clients include tax-exempt charitable organizations and retirement plans, which have their own set of requirements involving capital preservation, appreciation and income to fund operations. The size of client relationships generally range from portfolios totaling $1,000,000 to tens of millions of dollars for individuals, trusts, endowments and pension plans.

Note: Percentages are based on Assets Under Management as of September 30, 2021.