Strategic Alliances

Banks: Bradley, Foster & Sargent has key strategic alliances with several banks in Connecticut. Our most significant relationships are with two banks located in western Connecticut: Salisbury Bank and Trust, a NASDAQ-listed bank, and Torrington Savings Bank, a mutually owned bank. We act as Salisbury Bank and Trust’s investment advisor for the majority of its discretionary investment portfolios. Both banks act as corporate trustee for a number of trusts whose assets are managed by our firm. Bradley, Foster & Sargent also works closely with several other Connecticut and national banks to actively manage assets for the banks’ clients in conjunction with their trust departments.

Law Firms: We have close relationships with a number of leading law firms in Connecticut and Massachusetts. For some law firms which have trust departments and act as professional trustees, Bradley, Foster & Sargent provides ongoing investment advice for the trust portfolios managed by the law firms. For other law firms, we act as investment advisor in actively managing the assets of trusts for which the law firms serve as trustee. These are important strategic alliances for our firm.

Accounting Firms: Bradley, Foster & Sargent works closely with regional accounting firms. Most privately held businesses have close relationships with their accountants, and when the owners of these businesses need professional investment counsel, these firms contact us to seek assistance for their clients. This often occurs when there is a liquidity event, such as the sale of a business, and the seller engages Bradley, Foster & Sargent to manage their portfolio.

Financial Planners: We have excellent relationships with a range of financial planners in Southern New England. We assist their clients in executing the investment plan crafted by the financial planner. Our approach, which emphasizes customized portfolios and tax minimization to achieve the client’s financial needs, appeals to many financial planners and their clients.

The common thread in these strategic alliances is that, by referring their clients to Bradley, Foster & Sargent, the officers and professionals running these professional firms and banks can be secure in the knowledge that their client will be well treated – with professionalism, integrity and quality service. They also know that, by introducing Bradley, Foster & Sargent into the relationship, their own relationship with their client will generally be enhanced.