Our Team

Bradley, Robert H.Chairman
Burns, Cameron H.Executive Vice President
Daukas, Galan G.Chief Executive Officer & President
Herbert, Charles J.Executive Vice President
Kirschenbaum, Peter K.Executive Vice President
LaRose, Keith G.Executive Vice President
Lazor, Felicia M.Head Equity & Fixed Income Trader
Marsted, Jeffrey G.Executive Vice President
Miller, Gregory M.Executive Vice President

Peelle, Jr., William R.Executive Vice President
Penney, Robert A.Executive Vice President
Sargent, Thomas D.Executive Vice President
Investment Professionals
Bradley, Robert H.Portfolio Manager
Burns, Cameron H.Portfolio Manager
Charest, Christina L.Portfolio Manager Associate
Chen, Rosa Y.C.Director of Research & Portfolio Manager
Childs, S. TuckerDirector of Wealth Planning & Portfolio Manager
Ciarleglio, Joseph P.Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager Associate
Daponte, Eugene A.Portfolio Manager
Daukas, Galan G.Chief Executive Officer & President
Dennehy, Mary-AliceTrader
Foster, Timothy H.Portfolio Manager
Herbert, Charles J.Director of Sales & Marketing
Kirschenbaum, Peter J.Portfolio Manager
Korzendorfer, David P.Portfolio Manager
LaRose, Keith G.Portfolio Manager
Lazor, Felicia M.Head Equity & Fixed Income Trader
Lee, Pei-ju.Senior Research Associate – Asia
Manternach, Roger H.Portfolio Manager
Marsted, Jeffrey G.Portfolio Manager
Matzinger, Michele L.Portfolio Manager
McDonough, Michael J.Portfolio Manager
Miller, Gregory M.Portfolio Manager
Paldino II, James V.Portfolio Manager
Peelle, Jr., William R.Portfolio Manager
Penney, Robert A. Sales & Marketing
Peteet, Josh O.Portfolio Manager
Sargent, Christopher T.Research Analyst
Sargent, Thomas D.Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager
Client Relationship Specialists

Brightman, Cynthia J.Client Relationship Specialist
Castagna, Gina M.Client Relationship Specialist
Devlin, Olivia P.Client Relationship Specialist
DiBerardino, Rachael L.Client Relationship Specialist

Fiano, Nissa E.Client Relationship Specialist
Godenzi, Shawna L.Client Relationship Specialist
Jolie, Lucy M.Client Relationship Specialist

LaRocco, Judy K.Client Relationship Specialist
McGowan, Gayle G.Client Relationship Specialist
Vernali, Amy L.Client Relationship Specialist
Wilson, Kathleen P.Client Relationship Specialist

Dimitrova, Anzhela V.Operations Specialist
Fiano, Elena E.Operations Specialist
Gordon, Andrew R.Chief Compliance Officer
Koumentakos, Genevieve L. Operations Specialist

Leslie, Ethan J.B.Senior System Administrator
Mathieu, Amiee K.Senior Accountant
Membrino, Shannon M. Operations Specialist
Phillips, Shelley K. Operations Specialist

Rangatcheva, GuerganaChief Financial Officer & Director of Human Resources
Walker, Joseph A.Chief Operations Officer
Willis, Pamela A.Operations Specialist