Mentoring Support

We have been sponsoring an internship program for over 20 years to pair college students with our portfolio managers and research analysts to help mentor them in the business world.

Since 2000, BFS has offered internship programs for undergraduate and business graduate students throughout the year to introduce interns to the world of equity research as well as immerse them in the environment and inner workings of an investment management firm.

Interns spend most of their time performing company and industry analysis, then each presents his/her analysis and conclusion to the firm at the end of the internship. In addition to their primary assignment, they are invited to attend investment committee meetings and any other educational meetings and conference calls.

Summer interns are full time, and fall and spring semester interns work part time while in school.

To apply submit a cover letter, resume, and one to three page stock pick below. Please see the following semester deadlines:

Fall semester, August
Spring semester, November
Summer semester, January

Apply for Internship

Please fill out the form below and attach a cover letter, resume and
a one to three page stock pitch.

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