Meeting Your Responsibilities

Non-Profits, Endowments, and Foundations

Overseeing endowments supporting non-profit organizations can be complex and daunting. As a board member, you have three fiduciary responsibilities: the duty of care, the duty of loyalty, and the duty of obedience. Each of these duties imposes obligations that must be met as state and common law mandate.

Since 1994, we have assisted fiduciaries in meeting their responsibilities in achieving their long-term investment goals. Our portfolio managers have years of experience supporting boards in developing investment policies, managing their investment portfolios, and tracking progress toward their investment objectives. We work with hospitals, schools, churches, libraries, cemeteries, and other 501(c)3s, as well as community foundations, historical societies, and other community-based foundations.

We meet regularly with committees, providing valuable continuity as board membership changes over time. We also encourage board members, new and veteran, to reach out to us anytime with questions and for clarification.

We invite you to download Investment Management for Non-Profit Organizations. The document is designed to help boards and investment committees develop policies and procedures. It outlines both critical responsibilities and best practices, covering investment committees, investment policy statements, spending policies and selecting an investment manager.

Pension Funds and Profit Sharing Plans

Experience and ongoing engagement are central to the success of pensions and profit sharing plans.

We have many years of experience in investing pension assets to meet employers’ pension liabilities. Our portfolio managers work closely with you in both investing funds to achieve investment goals and objectives as well as formulating strategies designed to meet your risk and return parameters. They help develop investment policies, manage your investment portfolios and track progress toward your goals. We also are experienced in assisting plan sponsors with strategies related to underfunded pensions.

We aim to build not only successful pensions and plans but also successful relationships by being accessible, anticipatory and responsive. Our firm is structured so that you have direct access to our portfolio managers to ask questions and discuss strategies.